Pet friendly hotel

    Pet friendly Hotel !

    Le Dauphin Hotel and Suites Quebec offers guests the option to travel with their pets.

    An additional  $15+tx per night fee is charged from the hotel to cover the additional cleaning costs.

    Our hotel in Quebec city provide during the stay bowls for food and water, pet snacks, blanket and bags to collect feces made outside.

    The chosen hotel rooms are specially located on the main floor to facilitate the outside comings and goings. Also, these rooms are without carpets for easier cleaning.

    We also ask that you never leave your pet alone in your hotel room or allow it to roam freely. Please let us know  that you will have a pet travelling with you at the reservation.

    Did you forget to bring pet food, it is available at numerous stores in Quebec city including:


    Profil Canin:


    At Le Dauphin Hotel and Suites Quebec, we look forward to meet you and your pet!